August 16, 2017

Our New Cancer Care Center

Baptist Health Paducah: Our New Cancer Care Center

Cancer physicians Peter Locken, MD, and Obiageli Ezewuiro, MD, describe how Baptist Health Paducah’s new Cancer Care Center was designed with patients’ needs in mind.

Our New Cancer Care Center HealthTalks Transcript

Peter Locken, MD
In developing this cancer center, we traveled to places as far south as Alabama and Louisiana, up north to Chicago, and looked at other facilities and took best practices or best ideas to incorporate into the design of this center. This is really a culmination of picking out what we thought was the ideal layout and most patient-friendly environment. Going through cancer is a very difficult physical and mental challenge. To have the convenience of driving up and have valet parking to park your car, if you’re elderly, debilitated, not feeling well, that makes a big impact and difference in the quality of your life and the quality of your care. Coinciding with the opening of this wonderful cancer center, we have a new medical oncologist in our community, Dr. Ezewuiro, Dr. E, as she’s commonly known, and we’re very blessed to have her here. We’ve welcomed her to our community. She’s moved her family here. She’s going to be a wonderful addition.

Obiageli Ezewuiro, MD
My reason for coming to Paducah is that I see a potential for growth in this community. I want to be able to get patients who are diagnosed with cancer in to see a specialist in a timely fashion, and to be able to apply cutting-edge technology to treat the cancer.

Dr. Locken
Dr. E is going to be a tremendous asset to expediently seeing patients in a timely fashion and getting their treatments started, and I look forward to working with her closely for many years to come.

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