January 17, 2017

Our Improved Cancer Care Center

Baptist Health Corbin: Our Improved Cancer Care Center

Oncologist Abigail Byrnes, MD, describes Baptist Health Corbin’s renovated cancer center, which provides a larger, more comfortable environment for the hospital’s advanced, high-quality cancer care.

Our Improved Cancer Care Center Health Talks Transcript

Abigail Byrnes, MD, Oncology
Unfortunately, cancer is rampant in our community. I wish that that weren’t the case, but unfortunately, it is. Because of that, my colleagues and I feel very strongly that we want to provide state-of-the-art, top-notch care here locally, because we feel our patients deserve that. They deserve the very best treatment that they can get, in the most comfortable, welcoming environment that they can receive treatment in. We needed to add quite a bit more space, and we’ve got quite a few more exam rooms available, so that we’re able to work in people in a more smooth fashion and have a little bit more space and that sort of thing. We also have quite a bit more infusion space in terms of our chemotherapy infusion suite, as well as some private rooms where people could get a little more privacy, if they prefer that, or even bedrooms for people who might not be quite as well that need treatment. We’re happy to try and offer really full-service for our patients here. We have a certified lymphedema therapist, particularly for women who have had breast cancer who may develop swelling in their arms. We have research trials for people who might be interested in seeking treatment a little bit outside the box. We have oncology pharmacists so that we’re able to safely deliver chemotherapy and other pharmacologics to our patients. We have an oncology massage therapist to help release and relieve tense muscles and other tension. We have nutritionists for our patients who may struggle with weight loss or require feeding tubes or anything during their treatments. We have nurse navigators to help guide our patients through each step or phase of their treatment. We have a social worker to solve a wide variety of problems for our patients, and we also have access to genetic counseling services, as many cancers have genetic proponents to them. We were honored recently to be awarded with the Guardian of Excellence Award by Press Ganey for 2016, which means that we scored in the 95th percentile or top five percent for the patient experience. What I really think makes us special, more than anything else, is our staff. Everybody here is very caring and committed to providing the very best service that we can for our patients.

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