Baptist Health bariatric patient reclaims life after 115-pound weight loss

January 05, 2018

At just 25, Adrian Johnson didn't think she had much to look forward to

At just 25, Adrian Johnson didn’t think she had much to look forward to. All that she had endured in her early years started to come back as bad memories, so that by her mid-teens, she became morbidly obese. As a working adult, she couldn’t walk from one place to the next without stopping to rest.

 “I was just existing,” she said. “I didn’t really care much about life. I was at the point of, ‘If this is life, then this is how I’ll live it.’”

Fast-forward two years. She has a new job and a baby girl due in April. “This is just the beginning, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!” she said. 

The difference? 115 pounds. At 352 pounds on her 5’2” frame, she finally sought medical help in 2015, when she discovered she was diabetic and suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal disorder. She learned that weight loss could help both conditions. 

“Food was my comfort,” she said. "Food became such a major part of my life that I would consume more than what an average person should consume in one setting. I got to a point where I could care less if the food I had consumed was healthy for me or not. I wasn’t a label reader, I just wanted what I felt would make me feel good at that moment!”

She began regular consultations with Baptist Health Bariatric Care & Weight Loss Management. She lost 17 pounds and stopped smoking to qualify for a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. Since her surgery in December 2015, she has lost 115 pounds. She has learned to look at food in a whole new way. 

“I learned to eat in moderation, and I watch everything I eat!"

 Some of the changes:

  • She counts calories.


  • She reads labels for protein, sugar and carbs.


  • She has cut back on many kinds of foods, such as meats and pasta.

"Portion control was always something I struggled with," she said, but the surgical sleeve has helped. "I can tell you now, my pouch definitely works. There is no more overeating because when I’ve consumed too much, my pouch definitely lets me know."

Her activity level has changed, too. “I take walks (something that I wasn’t able to do) and go to the gym when I can or I do some exercises at home,” she said.  She changed jobs after her surgery to switchboard operator at Baptist Health. While the work is still sedentary, she gets up regularly to move around to make sure she’s active. Her medical issues have improved tremendously since the surgery, and she’s on the path to a healthier life.

The result is an amazing physical and mental recovery. “This changes everything about you, your outlook on life. I just didn’t care before. So much has changed in my life since my sleeve. I’m at a different place, and I like this feeling!” 

She said the staff of Baptist Health Bariatric Care & Weight Loss Management has changed her life for the better. "From the time we met in 2015 until now, I'm forever grateful for the support they all have shown me.” For more information about the Baptist Health Paducah bariatric program, phone 270.443.4519 or visit