Women's Breast Health

It’s easy to take healthy breasts for granted — until you have a concern like a lump or pain. At Baptist Health, we’re here to support you and help you get an accurate, timely diagnosis if you have a breast health issue.

Many breast health issues are not cancer. However, if you do get a breast cancer diagnosis, we can take care of you every step of the way. Many of our Baptist Health locations offer breast screenings, biopsies, treatment and rehabilitation services all in a single, convenient location.

Our multidisciplinary teams of breast surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, plastic surgeons and other professionals work closely together. Our goal: to provide you with customized, coordinated breast care.

Baptist Health offers preventive care for women with healthy breasts, too. Your provider will show you how to monitor your own breast health with regular breast cancer self-exams. We also offer regular, screening mammograms. 

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Baptist Breast Health: Awards & Recognitions

Baptist Health is regularly honored by professional organizations for outstanding breast imaging and breast care services. Among our awards:

  • Imaging Centers of Excellence: Baptist Health Floyd, Lexington, Louisville and Paducah have all been designated Breast Imaging Centers of Excellence by the American College of Radiology (ACR). To earn this prestigious award, centers must meet rigorous, voluntary breast imaging standards.
  • Accredited Breast Center: Baptist Health Lexington has been accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) since 2010. The American College of Surgeons, which grants this accreditation, honors breast centers that offer the highest standards of care. Lexington is one of only eight NAPBC-accredited breast centers in Kentucky. Baptist Health Louisville is also NAPBC-accredited

Breast Health at Baptist: Services We Offer

Whether you need routine breast screenings or more complex care, we’re here to help. If you get a breast cancer diagnosis, Baptist Health offers specially trained nurse navigators for cancer care.

Your nurse navigator will work closely with you and your family. Navigators can help coordinate your medical appointments, answer questions you may have forgotten to ask your doctor, educate your family about your condition and help you better understand your treatment options.

Other specialized breast health services we offer include:

  • Breast imaging and screenings: Whenever possible, we use advanced 3-D tomosynthesis mammograms for better cancer detection and fewer patient callbacks. We also offer breast ultrasound, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and ductograms (enhanced mammograms that provide images of breast ducts).
  • Biopsies: We use the latest technology to pinpoint precise breast tissue samples for extra testing. Our surgeons use ultrasound, MRI and stereotactic mammogram procedures to help guide breast biopsy.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of non-cancerous conditions: We evaluate breast conditions such as lumps, breast pain, fibrous breast changes, nipple problems and discharge, breast infections and other concerns.
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation: Our expert team gives you exercises to improve your strength and range of motion after surgery. Some of our locations also offer massage for pain relief and scar mobility.
    • Lymphedema therapy: Baptist physical therapists are specially trained to detect and treat lymphedema after treatment in women who have breast cancer. This condition, which can develop after breast surgery, causes major arm and hand swelling. Baptist Health Louisville’s dedicated Lymphedema Clinic has introduced bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS), a new technique that uses electrodes on the skin to more quickly diagnose lymphedema.
  • Genetic counseling: If you have breast disease, you may wonder if it runs in your family. If you have family members with breast disease, you may wonder about your own risk. Baptist Health genetic counseling specialists can help determine if you, your siblings or your children are at risk of developing breast disease and would benefit from extra screenings
  • Breast cancer treatment: If we find cancer during our testing, we will refer you to one of Baptist Health’s comprehensive Cancer Care Centers. Our specialists will quickly and compassionately help determine the most effective treatment program for you. Baptist cancer center teams also offer information, support groups and classes to help you during treatment and recovery.