Baptist Health Corbin is the first hospital to utilize ReDS guided fluid detection system for Patients with Heart Failure

February 11, 2022

System reduces hospital readmissions for patients living with heart failure.

Corbin, KY( February 10, 2022) - Baptist Health, one of the nation’s top-ranked health centers, has partnered with Sensible Medical to reduce hospital readmissions for patients living with heart failure.  Heart failure is a leading cause of hospital readmission in the United States, with an average 30-day readmission rate of nearly 25% generating more than one million hospital stays annually.

Baptist Health Corbin is the only hospital in the Baptist Health system that has been using the ReDS™ fluid monitoring system in their Heart Failure Clinic and in the hospital to coordinate the delivery of care to heart failure patients. The Heart Failure team has developed protocols leveraging cutting-edge ReDS™ technology from Sensible Medical to enable clinicians to quickly and accurately assess lung fluid in patients with heart failure, enabling clinicians to individualize treatment decisions and adjust therapies for patients at an early stage of decompensation in order to avoid the need for hospitalization. The first-of-its-kind program in Baptist Health System brings together cardiologists, clinicians, nurses and patient caregivers to optimize the care of heart failure patients in the hospital and when followed up in the Heart Failure Clinic.  The program has been pioneered and led by Tracy Bruck, EdS, MSN, RN, CHFN, Chest Pain Center/STEMI Coordinator and Heart Failure Educator and by Dr. David Worthy, Chief Medical Director at Baptist Health Corbin..

“The ReDS™ system is a non-invasive radar that can accurately measure the amount of fluid in the patient’s lungs in 45 seconds.  In a meta-analysis looking at seven published clinical studies, researchers have found an average 60% reduction in heart failure readmission rates using the ReDS technology as compared to standard post-discharge heart failure care.” said Eran Kurman, Sensible Medical VP of Sales and Marketing.

“Baptist is thrilled to be working with the ReDS™ system on the implementation of this innovative care model to manage Heart Failure patient’s fluid status proactively to improve care and reduce hospital readmissions” said  Bruck.  Worthy added, “This will allow our patients to recover safer and faster.”

By coordinating the execution of the protocols, Baptist Health Corbin has been delivering an innovative Heart Failure care model that prevents hospital readmissions among heart failure patients, enabling them to recover more safely and reduce hospital readmissions.