Your heartbeat is as unique as your fingerprint.

And at Baptist Health, we believe that’s how your heart care should be, too. So we focus on your specific cardiac needs, from preventive care to some of the most advanced procedures. It’s why more people trust their hearts to Baptist Health than to any other hospital system in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. 

Do you know your unique heart care needs?

Baptist Health is here to help you take good care of your heart. So we want you to be aware of risk factors that may apply to you. Discuss them with your doctor to get truly personalized care for your one-of-a-kind heart.

  • Previous COVID Diagnosis

    While most people recover fully in a few weeks, having had COVID - even a mild case - does put you at a greater risk of certain heart conditions. So you need to pay special attention to your heart.

  • Older Women

    Certain conditions such as migraines and asthma, and even preeclampsia or gestational diabetes during pregnancy, can put you at a higher risk for heart problems later in life.

  • Older Men

    Low testosterone can be considered a risk factor for cardiovascular health. And erectile dysfunction that is related to blood flow may be an early indicator of heart disease.

  • Depression

    There's a strong link between depression and heart disease, and either one can raise the risk of the other.

  • Black Adults

    Black adults are at higher risk than white adults for many heart conditions. But proper preventive care can help close the gap and improve your long-term heart health.

Get Started.

Talk with your primary care provider about your heart’s unique needs and the specialized care at Baptist Health. If you don’t have a primary care provider, we can help you find one dedicated to bringing you care that’s centered on you.

patient stories

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What's your heart's age?

Based on things unique to you, such as your health history, lifestyle and heredity, your heart age may be younger or older than your biological age. Take our quick online heart health assessment now to find out your heart age and get practical tips for lowering your risk of heart disease if you need to.

Heart Health Assessment

Have you ever wondered how healthy your heart is? This quick heart health risk assessment can compare your actual age to your heart's biological age, as well as calculate your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.