Crisis Or Disaster Guidelines

When a disaster or major medical emergency occurs, Baptist Health and the media will need to work closely together to quickly provide accurate information.

To accomplish this, Baptist Health has a disaster plan. Please follow these guidelines in the event of a disaster or mass casualty incident:

  • The media will be taken to a designated area to receive news releases and updates. Marketing and Public Relations, or other hospital representatives, will escort you to the designated area.
  • Media crews may be given access to other areas of campus, depending on the circumstances, but only with a Marketing and PR escort.
  • Cell phones may be used within the hospital as long as they are at least three feet from medical equipment such as IV pumps, ventilators and monitors. Land-line telephone availability may be limited.
  • An escort from Marketing and PR will be required for media to conduct all on-site interviews.
  • As a security precaution, media will be asked to show press credentials and/or may be issued temporary press badges by Baptist Health.